Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Melanoma...a deadly cancer

Sandie's (on left) battle with melanoma ended in February 2010 as most of you already know.  Now one of her dear friends, Judi Gray, is losing her fight with this horrible disease also.  

Judi actually got melanoma before Sandie did.  There was a spot on her leg that kept bleeding and wouldn't heal so she went to the doctor and was told it was melanoma.  Like Sandie, she had surgery and was told they got it all, and all was well.  Later, Judi found a lump on her thigh while shaving and went to the doctor again.  Again they told her it was melanoma, but they got it all.  Over a period of several years this is how it went.  Then she started getting severe headaches, just like Sandie had, and her worst fear had happened.  The melanoma had spread to the brain.  They put her in the hospital and put a shunt in the brain to do chemo but then realized the cancer was in the spinal fluid.  At that point the doctors told Judi, her husband and two children there was nothing more they could do.

When Sandie had her surgery, Judi was there for moral support with that famous "Judi Smile".  Always encouraging her dear friend to fight.  And Sandie did fight.  All the way till the cancer attacked her brain.  Within two weeks of Sandie getting that prognosis they told us there was nothing more they could do for her and she would be going to Alive Hospice.  The very next day Our God took Sandie to be with him.

Now, Judi is in Alive Hospice but is hanging on every day and getting sicker and sicker.  It is such a difficult time for her family, watching over her and not being able to comfort her.  I pray for peace and comfort for Judi and strength for Les, Michael and Taylor.  I know now we had such a blessing with the Lord taking Sandie so quickly.  

For any young girls out there that may read this, please be aware of what the sun and tanning beds can do to your life.  It can end it.  Is a tan worth that?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Nail Art...

Okay, so our first attempt at nail art was from watching a You-tube video.  I thought the
converse shoes were so cute, but they were pretty hard to paint on such a small
little nail.  Lots of coats and a steady hand was needed.  We certainly didn't have
the right tools for the job either.  I thought they turned out alright though for a
first try.  Cassidy wasn't as pleased as I was though, so after about an hour
the nail polish remover came out and off they went.

Next, we decided on just painting half the nail and doing some polka dots.  Oh, so
much easier.  But the best part was that she loved them and they have lasted over
a week now.  Hurray for grandma's with patience.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Flags of Remembrance...

The Healing Field was an amazing sight.  Fifteen hundred flags put out in one place to honor and 
remember all those who have served in our military.  Past, present, or future, I thank you
for serving our country and keeping it the best place to live.  
Seeing all those flags was a very somber reminder of all the lives lost and changed over
the years to keep our United States of America free.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Soar Like an Eagle...

Wow, three grandkids graduating this year.  Cassidy and Jade will be heading 
off to middle school and Drew will be starting high school.  I am so proud of
 all three of them for the accomplishments they have each made.  My dream 
for each of them is to "soar like an eagle".  

The speaker at Cassidy's school told the story of an eagle egg that fell out of its nest.  It landed in a 
chicken coop and one of the hens raised it as a chicken after it hatched.  One day the "chicken" saw a bird flying overhead and asked the hen what it was.  She told the "chicken" that it was an eagle...the king of all birds.  The little "chicken" wanted to be an eagle, but it was too late.  It had been raised as a chicken 
and would always be a chicken.  So don't be like the chicken and be surrounded by those who don't appreciate you for who you are.  I pray each of you will be like the eagle and soar.  I pray you will 
each surround yourselves with positive people...don't waste your time on those who do not support 
and encourage you to be whatever you want to be.  Congratulations to all three of you.  
I love you all for the great young people you are and know you will all go far in life.  
Have fun as you enter middle and high school years and enjoy everything life has to offer you.

Seems not so long ago they were all just babes.  Where in the world does the time go?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's That Time Again...

It is so strange to me, but it happens every year.  As soon as we hang our hummingbird feeders, we start getting woodpeckers drinking from them.  This guy just tips the feeder and then gets the liquid as it drips down the side...pretty smart fellow.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend...

What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend I had.  It all got started on Friday night with a delicious dinner with the hubby at Outback Steakhouse...yummy!  Then, on Saturday,  the entire family (both sides) was invited for a cookout and swim at Greg and Leslie's house.  The weather was a bit chilly but they had the pool heated to 87 degrees so the kids swam the entire day.

Greg loves to cook and once again he outdid himself in preparing food for everyone.  Leslie, of course, was still laid up with her broken leg so we all tried to take care of her as best as we could.

We almost had a tragedy during the day.  Leslie's brothers little grandson, 2 year old Chandler, was in the pool with the other kids and one of his swimmies came off.  He went under the water and his mom had to jump in to get him.  When she pulled him out, little Chandler was blue and unresponsive.  Thank God Leslie is a nurse...she knew exactly what to do.  We called 911 also and they responded with two police cars, an ambulance, a fire truck and the first responders.  They worked on him for a while and didn't leave until they were sure he was fine.  A huge thank you to the city of Nolensville for their quick response.

You just don't expect things like this to happen.  There were at least 15 adults right there by the side of the pool when Chandler went under.  It just goes to show how quickly something can happen and change everything.  It was very scary for everyone, but thankfully, we had a good end result.

On Sunday morning we had a beautiful church service in honor of all of our mothers.  So many of us have moms who have already gone to be with the Lord and Mother's Day can be hard for us.  It was for me, as my mom has been gone since December of 2000.  I miss her every day but am honored to have had her as my mother.  At the end of the church service, my husband, David, did the closing prayer.  In that prayer, he remembered my mom and what a special woman she was.  It was quite emotional.

After church Chris, Melodie and the kids took us to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  I love to go there on Sunday for their fried chicken...can't be beat.

Thank you to my wonderful family for making my Mother's Day
a very special one.