Friday, December 11, 2009

A Rare Occasion Indeed...

This was indeed a rare sister, my brother and me all in the same place at the same time. Even though I went to Florida to help my sister out after her knee replacement surgery, I was fortunate enough to get to see my brother too. It had been way too long since we were all able to get together and it was wonderful.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Amber & Sergio...

My great niece, Amber, and her boyfriend dropped by for a visit while we were at Linda and Raiford's house. be young and in love.

Ride 'em Cowgirl...

Eden celebrated her first birthday while we were in Florida and this was my first time to see her. She is just adorable and I am proud to be her great, great aunt!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Blog for Silhouette Users.....

I wanted to share a new blog I found for anyone who has the QK Silhouette. It is a great site with so many cool tips and tricks. Check it out at

Monday, November 2, 2009

Back in Time...

to the 1950's, where poodle skirts, saddle oxfords and pony tails were the rage. It seems like just yesterday when my sister and I were sitting in the back seat of our old Studebaker singing along with Connie Francis on the radio to "Lipstick on My Collar"...told a tale on youuuuu. Gee whiz, back then I was younger than my granddaughter, Cassidy, is now. I guess Hannah Montana is the new Connie Francis.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fly Away Home...

I'm gonna miss you little guys...have a safe trip and see you next year!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

North Carolina in the Fall....

Our trip to North Carolina to spend time with Linda and Raiford was absolutely wonderful. We had no TV, phone or internet...just each other. We did lots of driving through the mountains and taking in all Gods beautiful creations. The leaves were just starting to turn as we were there a bit early for that, but it was stunning anyway.
Lots of days we just stayed at the cabin and enjoyed each others company. Linda and I have so much to talk about and the cabin is a wonderful place to sit and be able to do that.
I remember how much my mom loved that cabin in the woods, so everytime I go there I have alot of time to reflect on her and the wonderful role model she was in my life. I miss her more as each day passes.
Thank you Linda and Raiford for inviting us to stay with you at your "Cabin Sweet Cabin". We love you guys!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Somedays I just want to stay in my pajamas and do only the things that make me happy. Today is one of those days. except, right now I don't know what makes me happy. With Sandie being sick I have a knot in my stomach that just won't go away and I can't seem to find happiness in anything except my grandchildren. Of course, they are in school so I can't spend the days with them either. I've tried scrapbooking which I usually find relaxing and enjoyable, but I can't even begin to think about how to create anything right now. I did get my scrap room all cleaned up yesterday so it's ready to scrap in again but I just can't find the much needed inspiration. I hope all my friends will bear with me and understand this "funk" I am in right now. It is so hard to have someone you love be so sick and know what she is facing for a very long time to come.
Life isn't all bad of course. We had a wonderful Sunday starting with Sunday School and Church. After Church Greg, Sandie, Drew, Chris, Melodie, Cassidy and Jacob all went with David and I to Famous Daves for lunch. Anyone with the name Dave got to eat for free and if your middle name was a David, you got half off. So we racked up with one David and two middle names of David. We ate till we were stufffed and had a great time with our family. I was so thankful for everyone being together.
When we finished eating we had to rush back for Church and then had an ice cream social after that. I was soooo full when we got home. I guess you could say at that point I was fat and happy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Yep, that's me on that

TUBE!!!! Oh what a great day we had at Percy Priest Lake with Greg and Drew. I wasn't going to do it, but I finally changed my mind and braved the cold water. Actually, I thought I could get in the tube without getting wet, but when I got in, it tipped over with me and under I went. So then, I was already wet so I HAD to go on and tube. It was so much fun I didn't even want to stop. I'm not sure what the fun about it actually is. You are being pulled behind a boat and being beat to death with the waves the boat makes....doesn't make mnuch sense, but, yes, it is FUN. Thank you Greg for a great day on the lake.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Real Thing...

This is an arrangement Sandie received from a friend after her surgery. It was made from real flowers and was absolutely beautiful. I told Sandie if she would give me the container, I would try to duplicate it for her with silk flowers. Now, mind you, I am no floral designer, but I did used to work around floral arranging so I thought I would give it a try.

Wowza......I am pretty proud of how my arrangement for Sandie turned out. Granted, most of the flowers are different than the original, but that's what was available at our local Hobby Lobby store. I know Sandie will love it and be reminded it was a gift of love from her dear, sweet mother-in-law...LOL!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

My sister, Linda, and niece, Debbie, flew up from Florida for a week long visit. They mainly came to visit with Greg and Sandie before Sandie goes in for her surgery next week. We all had a really great visit...but, like I said, all good things must come to an end. They flew back to Florida last night, and today our house is quiet and lonely. I miss them already!!!
Debbie is a great photographer and she took loads of family pictures. I will post some after she edits them and gets them back to me. She took David, me & Darla Dawg...Chris and Melodie...and Greg, Sandie and Drew. I can't wait to see them all. Thank you so much, Debbie, for doing that for us. You're not just a niece, but a great niece and we love you.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Good News....

As most everyone else will remember yesterday as the death of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, it is different for me. Yesterday was my oldest son, Gregs, 39th birthday and he received the best gift of all. Sandie got her test results back and her PET scan showed her cancer has NOT spread to other parts of her body. There could not have been a better gift on Greg's birthday than to receive such wonderful news. Sandie still needs lots of prayers as she will be undergoing a major, 8 hour surgery, on July 6, but God has already answered so many prayers.

Also, I am enjoying some much needed time with my sister and niece who flew up from Florida to visit and be encouragement for Sandie through these tough days. We are all having a great time together and it is so wonderful to feel the love of family.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Prayers are still needed for our daughter-in-law, Sandie. She has undergone her first testing and still waiting on results. It was a very hard day for her with testing most of the day. She is so strong though and I know prayer will bring her through all of this.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sons Make Great Dads.....

David and I are so proud of our sons for the great men and fathers they have become. We got to celebrate Father's Day this year with both sons and their families and it was a great day. I hope all dads out there had a great day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My computer is acting ugly today and won't allow me to upload any pictures to my blog site. It has a mind of its own and obviously it is smarter than I am because I sure can't seem to get it to do what I want it to do. I guess that's the way it will be for now until I can get Chris over here to help me outsmart it.

I haven't blogged in awhile just because there has been so much going on. Like I stated earlier, Melodie had her thyroid removed but she is pretty much fully recovered and doing very well. Thank you all for your prayers and concerns for her.

Please keep those prayers coming our way though because Sandie also had surgery on that same day to have a tumor removed. Unfortunately, Sandie's didn't turn out as well. Most all know that Sandie had surgery about two years ago for skin cancer so when this lump showed up the doctor immediately wanted to remove it. Unfortunately, when the report came back, it showed the tumor was cancer again. Sandie went yesterday and met with an oncologist in Nashville and going next week for a PET and CT scan. She will be undergoing an intensive 8 hour surgery on July 6. Right now Sandie needs lots of prayer and I am asking God to please intervene here and just wrap his loving arms around her and protect her. Please pray that Sandie's PET scan will come back okay...which would mean the cancer has not spread to other parts of her body. Even going through this difficult time in her life Sandie is an extraordinarily strong girl and I am confident the Lord will heal her. She is a wonerful wife, mother and daughter-in-law whom we all love dearly.

Even though we are going through alot of tough times right now, I know that God is here with us every single moment. He has never promised to take our troubles away, but he has promised he would take us through our troubles. I know he is with all of us now and will bring us through to be stronger people. Right now I am relying heavily on my Lord and I believe he can and will answer our prayers.

There have been wonderful things going on too. My back healed just in time for David and I to take all three of our grandchildren camping for a week. We had a wonderful time just being lazy all week long and enjoying each others company. While we were there Cassidy attended Horse Camp so she was in seventh heaven. She got to take two trail rides each day, groomed the horses, learned how to tack a horse, and even had to clean the stalls (or scoop the poop, as I call it). Needless to say, she had a smile on her face the entire week.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rough Week...

What a week it has been!!! Both of our daughter-in-laws had surgery last Friday. One had to have her thyroid taken out but is recuperating and doing great. It just looks like she to tried to slice her throat. I told her to just be proud of her new "necklace". The other surgery was to remove a knot, which turned out to be cancer. Please keep our beautiful Sandie in your prayers as she begins treatment. She is such a wonderful girl, a loving wife to our son and a great mother to our grandson. This is such a hard thing to accept, but through prayer and belief that God can heal her we are praying for a complete recovery. I ask you keep her in your prayers also. This is a heavy burden to bear but Sandie is such a strong girl and has a very positive attitude. We love you Sandie and know you will be going through some rough times ahead, but believe God will carry you through it all.

On top of everything else, I hurt my back. My hubby had to take me to the ER after two days of horrific pain. Nothing broken, ruptured or fractured!!! A severe back sprain is what they called it. To me it felt like a charley-horse in my lower back that wouldn't go away. After 10 days of pain I am feeling a bit better and able to move around some now. I pray for brighter days this coming week!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Locks of Love....Before & After

I am so proud of my 10 year old grand-daughter who decided to grow her hair long and then have it cut for Locks of Love. She heard about this organization from someone and told her parents that is what she wanted to do. It is through selfless dedication she did this to support a mission to help children suffering from long-term or permanent hair loss due to an illness.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Time Flies...

Gosh, Drew, it is so hard to believe you are graduating into Middle School. It seems like just yesterday we were at your graduation from Kindergarten. As you move into a new chapter of your life, just know that Gram and Pop are extremely proud of you. You have done amazing through your school years. It seems as though you were on the honor roll most of your school years and I pray you will continue to strive for excellence through your Middle and High School years. Congratulations and just remember how much we all love you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a beautiful morning...

It's hard to believe that it is mid May. The weather is just gorgeous here....nice cool mornings and beautiful afternoons. A simple thing, like the geraniums on my front porch steps, makes me happy. As I look around my yard there are so many things blooming. I have day lillies, beautiful roses, and gerbera daisies just to name a few. The grass is freshly mowed and ohhh sooo green. There are bird nests in my ferns and my ivy, waiting for new babies to hatch. As I look around I am in awe with all of God's creations.

Thank you for a beautiful morning!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What a great weekend....

What a wonderful weekend I had. I was actually off work, which was very nice. We try to rotate between having the grandchildren spend the night with us and this weekend was Cassidy's turn. She came over on Friday night and we watched "Finding Nemo". On Saturday we got up and she went with Pop to get doughnuts...her favorite. In the afternoon we went in the spa and then I painted her nails and gave her a foot massage. Now that I'm writing this, it sounds like she's the one who had the great weekend. Her daddy came and picked her up in the afternoon and I collapsed after that.

We had a beautiful church service on Sunday, which was wonderful because we have been having some controversy there. I truly believe we need to learn to have the patience to wait for God to intervene. As humans we are so impatient and want things to happen in our time frame, but that is not the way God intends for it to be.

Tonight I am looking forward to teaching my second digital class at Sassy Scrapper. I always get stressed before a class but for some reason I am excited about this one and not worried at all. See you tonite girls.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Latest Layout I Created.... Tear Bears

I will be teaching this class at the store later this month. These tear bears are cute and fun to make. Hope you like them!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Lovin It

Never thought I would...but I've been struck by the blogging bug!!! Yep, I'm lovin it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Brain Dead

It has taken me nearly a whole day but I think I finally got my slideshow and my playlist uploaded and working. The older you get the longer it takes to learn all this high tech stuff. I've decided that this must be for the younger generation but I am determined and I won't give up on it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thank you friends

Thank you Susie and Amy for being my first two guys are great!
BTW, I love your blogs.

Fiskars in the Boro

I wanted to share a few pictures from our "Fiskars in the Boro" event that Sassy Scrapper put on last weekend at the Hampton Inn. There were about 50 ladies there and we had a blast. I taught a class on this cute little chipboard book. I must admit I was a nervous wreck trying to come up with an idea to do on this bare book, but when it was all done I loved it and enjoyed teaching the class.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I never thought I would be "blogging" at my age BUT... since I love scrapbooking, both paper and digital, this seems to go right along. Please bear with me as this is a new experience for me and I'm sure there will be many blunders along the way. I will try to post something every day or so and hope you follow along my "blogging journey" with me.

You may be wondering where my title of Addicted Sisters comes from. My sister and I always scrapbooked together and we actually sold some premade pages on e-bay...that was our name.
She no longer scraps but I am consumed with it. I love paper, digital and hybrid. I am lucky enough to work at my local scrapbook store, Sassy Scrapper, and just love it there. I work with some very talented girls and have met many other talented and creative girls at the store.

The things I love in life are my family, scrapbooking, camping and working in my yard. These are the things that make my life complete and I enjoy them.

Life is Good!!!!