Friday, June 26, 2009

Good News....

As most everyone else will remember yesterday as the death of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, it is different for me. Yesterday was my oldest son, Gregs, 39th birthday and he received the best gift of all. Sandie got her test results back and her PET scan showed her cancer has NOT spread to other parts of her body. There could not have been a better gift on Greg's birthday than to receive such wonderful news. Sandie still needs lots of prayers as she will be undergoing a major, 8 hour surgery, on July 6, but God has already answered so many prayers.

Also, I am enjoying some much needed time with my sister and niece who flew up from Florida to visit and be encouragement for Sandie through these tough days. We are all having a great time together and it is so wonderful to feel the love of family.

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  1. Brenda I'm so thankful for the good report on Sandie...will still remember you all in my prayers....I know she still has a ways to go but what a wonderful report to help....glad you are getting to spend time with family....big hugs, Patti