Thursday, October 15, 2009

North Carolina in the Fall....

Our trip to North Carolina to spend time with Linda and Raiford was absolutely wonderful. We had no TV, phone or internet...just each other. We did lots of driving through the mountains and taking in all Gods beautiful creations. The leaves were just starting to turn as we were there a bit early for that, but it was stunning anyway.
Lots of days we just stayed at the cabin and enjoyed each others company. Linda and I have so much to talk about and the cabin is a wonderful place to sit and be able to do that.
I remember how much my mom loved that cabin in the woods, so everytime I go there I have alot of time to reflect on her and the wonderful role model she was in my life. I miss her more as each day passes.
Thank you Linda and Raiford for inviting us to stay with you at your "Cabin Sweet Cabin". We love you guys!!

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