Monday, May 18, 2009

What a great weekend....

What a wonderful weekend I had. I was actually off work, which was very nice. We try to rotate between having the grandchildren spend the night with us and this weekend was Cassidy's turn. She came over on Friday night and we watched "Finding Nemo". On Saturday we got up and she went with Pop to get doughnuts...her favorite. In the afternoon we went in the spa and then I painted her nails and gave her a foot massage. Now that I'm writing this, it sounds like she's the one who had the great weekend. Her daddy came and picked her up in the afternoon and I collapsed after that.

We had a beautiful church service on Sunday, which was wonderful because we have been having some controversy there. I truly believe we need to learn to have the patience to wait for God to intervene. As humans we are so impatient and want things to happen in our time frame, but that is not the way God intends for it to be.

Tonight I am looking forward to teaching my second digital class at Sassy Scrapper. I always get stressed before a class but for some reason I am excited about this one and not worried at all. See you tonite girls.

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