Friday, May 8, 2009

I never thought I would be "blogging" at my age BUT... since I love scrapbooking, both paper and digital, this seems to go right along. Please bear with me as this is a new experience for me and I'm sure there will be many blunders along the way. I will try to post something every day or so and hope you follow along my "blogging journey" with me.

You may be wondering where my title of Addicted Sisters comes from. My sister and I always scrapbooked together and we actually sold some premade pages on e-bay...that was our name.
She no longer scraps but I am consumed with it. I love paper, digital and hybrid. I am lucky enough to work at my local scrapbook store, Sassy Scrapper, and just love it there. I work with some very talented girls and have met many other talented and creative girls at the store.

The things I love in life are my family, scrapbooking, camping and working in my yard. These are the things that make my life complete and I enjoy them.

Life is Good!!!!


  1. Hey Brenda....I found you! Way to go blog. Love the pic at the top!

  2. Your blog looks great! Maybe you can show me how to do this someday!