Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet Sandie...

I know so many of our friends have been praying for us and for our beautiful daughter-in-law, Sandie. We thank you and ask that you please continue those prayers.

It seemed life was going along pretty good, but on Friday night, one phone call shattered our lives.
Let me back up a little bit. As most of you know, Sandie was diagnosed with melanoma a couple of years ago. Last year she had to have surgery in which they removed 51 lymph nodes from her neck area. She had over 200 stitches in her head and neck and never once complained about anything she had to go through. After her surgery she started radiation treatments where she had to wear a mask that fit snug to her head and had to be bolted to the table so she couldn't move. She did all of her radiation treatments, again with no complaints. She was so strong, I didn't know how she did it...she amazed us all.
After radiation, she started on chemo treatments. Unfortunately her chemo made her very sick and with the approval of her doctor, she stopped after a couple of weeks.
She seemed like she was doing very well and seemed healthy. That is until this past week.
This past Thursday, Sandie had an excrutiating headache and was seeing flashing lights and had loss of vision. On Friday she was taken to the emergency room at Vanderbilt Hospital. They did a CAT scan and an MRI of her brain and within the next two hours we were given the terrible news that her cancer had spread to the brain. Like I said, one phone call, and our lives were shattered.
Sandie came home from the hospital on Saturday afternoon with medication for her headache and steroids to shrink the swelling. They have told us she has three lesions on her brain and she will start a new round of radiation treatments this week to shrink the tumors. After that she will be put in the hospital in an induced coma to begin chemo treatments for an entire week. After that week, she will go home for three weeks and then start the entire process over again. It is going to be a long, hard road for Sandie, Greg and Drew, and we are asking for prayer for all three of them as they begin this journey.
David and I know that God is the Great Physician and he CAN heal her. Please pray with us as we pray for Sandie to be healed of this terrible disease. Thank you also for your love and prayers over the past months as we have gone through all of this with her.


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