Monday, June 6, 2011

Relay for Life...Remembering Sandie

Sandie's parents, two sisters, niece Kristen, David and I, Chris and Melodie and the three kids, Crissy and her two children, and Aunt Wanda all went to Shelbyville for the Relay for Life in honor of Sandie. It was a great night being able to do something for Sandie and remebering her laughter and smiles and the joy she brought to all of us. It was a sad night because she is no longer here to share the laughter, smiles and joy with us

I'm not sure how much walking we actually did...some walked more than others but it was nice to be walking for something that was for a great cause. There was a really nice service at 9:00 pm when they turned off all the lights and lit all the candles in remebrance of the loved ones lost to cancer. There was a moment of silence for all to reflect on their individual loved ones and then several people spoke. After that several others spoke of the importance of regular checkups for all types of cancer and melanoma was mentioned specifically as the deadliest of all. They warned everyone to be cautious in the sun and to use sunscreen protection.

I was extremely proud of Cassidy as she got on the computer and created the banners she and Jacob were wearing. Both of them hold a special place in their hearts for their Aunt Sandie.

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