Friday, April 13, 2012

Plates, Screws & Surgery...oh my

Today was surgery day for Drew and Leslie.  His, this morning early and Leslie's in late morning.

 Everything went good during Drew's surgery but I was totally shocked when the doctor came out and showed us the pictures of what he had to put in Drew's arm to repair it.  I was expecting some little flat metal pieces with a couple screws holding it together.  Boy, was I wrong.  This is what is now in his arm.  I call him the "bionic" grandson now.

Recovery will be slow for Drew but he hasn't complained at all.  This is what he
 looked like right after his surgery.

Now on to Leslie...she also had to have a weird looking set of plates and screws.  
This is the  leg now of our "bionic" daughter-in-law.

All I can ask is that you keep our family in prayer as everyone recuperates
from their surgery.  I know God is the great healer and I pray
he will be with Drew and Leslie as they lay in the bed together to recuperate.

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